Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year!

A vintage California Hand Prints tablecloth greets 2012 along with Retro Red Stripe & lemongrass square Fiesta dinnerware, Oneida Cityscape flatware, Crate & Barrel wine glasses, vintage striped tumblers and Pottery Barn napkin rings. Betty Crocker cherry Fiesta serves up the first treats of the New Year.

All best wishes for 2012!

Calendar Cloth December: Farewell

Farewell, December! It was a wonderful season, and we had a fabulous Christmas.

For some tablescapers, an orange cloth might present a dilemma for a December 'scape, but not for a Fiesta collector. Before scarlet entered the post86 rainbow, persimmon was used for many holiday treatments. The disk pitcher plate in the centerpiece was one of the very first Fiesta holiday pieces I purchased as a new collector. I found it at Macy's in Macon, Georgia for Christmas 1998 while driving home to Athens, Georgia after visiting my grandparents in Tallahassee. The design was exclusive to Federated stores.

Let's building the placesetting. There are a few surprises in this stack.

The sage green bread plates are from HLC's new Flip Side line. The "'Tis The Season" sets were offered by the HLC factory in the late 1990's. The snowflake chop plates were a Betty Crocker exclusive. Oh how we miss Betty's decalled Fiesta pieces!

The charming copper bird napkin rings were a gift from Saarin. I think they work so well with the graphic representation of December on this cloth, and I've been waiting all season to use them together.

I'm pleased to have done one non-conventional color Christmas tablescape for this season. Farewell, December! Farewell, 2011! It's been a wonderful year for the tabletop!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Kitty Christmas

While I was busy setting the table and decorating, Sparkle and Fizz put on their elf hats to complete their own holiday tasks.

Inspecting all of the packages that arrived~

Greeting the arrival of the tree with some taste tests (greenery and water, just to be thorough)~

No gift is wrapped properly until the ribbon has been licked!

Grooming to look their best for company~

Guarding against the Grinch~

Invading Grandmother's suitcase to find gifts a little before the appointed time~

Claiming gifts intended for others; after all, everything is for cats!

Making certain that nothing was left behind in the wrapping paper, even as the pile grew~

Enjoying being very spoiled kitties~

Meeting the laser pointer~


Reclaiming the tree once the presents were gone~

Oh to lounge in a tree in the morning sunshine!



Kitties love Christmas!