Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double, Double Tablescape Trouble

The witches' breakfast~

Vintage Riviera dinnerware, Moderntone sherberts, a vintage Fiesta sweets comport in ivory, Oneida flatware and a contemporary black tablecloth and napkins help the witches get their big day off to the right start. Did you know that candy corn is the fuel for their midnight rides?

A spooky supper~

Placesettings of Post-86 Fiesta dinnerware in heather, black and persimmon are the perfect treat after a night of tricks. The tabletop also includes special Halloween flatware, some favorite spiderweb napkings and haunted house placemats from last year, glassware from Pier One and yesterday's find of skeletal hand napkin rings.

I'm sharing this hauntingly good tabletop fun for Seasonal Sunday at The Tablescaper.

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Teatime

Please take your seat at the tabletop for teatime with the pumpkins!

Our hosts aren't fussy. They've set a table for two, but more dishes wait in the wings in case other guests arrive. No Emily or Martha live in the patch, so RSVP does not really apply at this party.

How fabulous is this flatware? The Flatware Fairy dropped it off last last week, and it was the inspiration for this tablescape. Thank you, Flatware Fairy!

The placesettings are Fiesta tangerine lunch plates with jack-o-lantern decals, black fruit bowls, persimmon demitasse cups and saucers, special Halloween flatware and contemporary black napkins.

The serving pieces include a Hall donut teapot, a tangerine Fiesta mini pitcher and a black Fiesta presentation bowl. No sugar dish here...pumpkins take their tea with milk only!

Now about this centerpiece...lest you worry that the pumpkins are eating their young, these babies are decorative only! Your tea cakes await on this Fiesta Happy Pumpkin plate. Just use the Oneida Cityscape server to help yourself.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Tablescape Thursday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haunted Tabletop

The veil between the worlds is growing thin, and orange is slowing creeping onto my tabletop. How about a haunted village for your Halloween dining pleasure?

Yes, I'm still in a plaid mood. I've had this tablecloth from Crate and Barrel for many years. It's a great background for haunted houses from CVS and a spooky pumpkin tree from a local farm stand. I've also had these pieces for a few years and have experimented with them on the tabletop before. My tablescaping skills have improved and I think they really came together this year for a haunted village centerpiece.

I've never felt inspired by the gore of Halloween, but I can really go for haunted houses. My brothers and I had a Disney record about a haunted house, and these little ones remind me of those pleasant hours listening to the tale of the house with the big fence that made passersby ask, "Was it there to keep someone out, or was it there to keep SOME THING IN?!?"

Post-86 Fiesta dinnerware in lemongrass and paprika makes a great placesetting with vintage Bakelite flatware, Hazel Atlas Rainbow footed tumblers, contemporary napkins and beaded napkin rings from a Tablescape fairy. Thank you!

Serving pieces include Fiesta jam jars in lemongrass and paprika resting on a black bread tray, a plum disk pitcher, the Belk exclusive oval serving bowl in lemongrass and a paprika mini pie baker resting on a plum plate.

How about if we dim the lights?

If it's not too late, I'll also be sharing this for Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Through Life. I'm also excited to be joining Centerpiece Wednesday at Style Sisters for the very first time. Do check back often this week. I have lots of Halloween tabletop fun to share!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Peanuts

Halloween is slowly creeping onto my tabletop. I'm not quite ready for the full blown orange and black 'scape. That one is still in the works. How about a little Simtex plaid to ease into the haunting time?

Our house is a 1941 Cape Cod, and true to form, we have small defined rooms. You won't find any open concept layout here. As a result, buffets work really well for us when we want to have more than 6 guests over for supper. I had originally envisioned this table as a tailgating party, but when I got out the CVS Peanuts figurines, the seed was planted. A quick conversion of our vintage enamel top table and voila...a trick-or-treat buffet!

The dishes are vintage Harlequin dinnerware in yellow, gray and turquoise with a multi-colored relish tray. A Harlequin jug holds the post-86 Fiesta flatware. The Libbey stripe glasses in yellow and red are still available at Target. I found metal holder at Goodwill. The red napkins are from Kohl's last year.

The Peanuts characters are from CVS about 4 years ago, I think. Just in case you don't know CVS, it's a drugstore chain out of Rhode Island. We seem to have one on every block in metro Boston, along with the Dunkin' Donuts! They have offered a set of the characters each year now, with new costumes for each reissue. I'm partial to this set, since it features the costumes from the show that I grew up anticipating each fall. Do you recall waiting eagerly each year for CBS to air "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" ? In the days before DVD's and VCR's, entire households revolved around this event. As adults, it's not really Halloween for us until we've watched at least a portion of the show on DVD.

Poor Charlie Brown...all he got was a bag of rocks. Snoopy barely survived the Red Baron, and Linus is still searching for the Great Pumpkin. Remember, "My lips touched dog lips!"?

Snoopy is waiting for Lucy in the bobbing barrel!

Wishing you only "sincere pumpkin patches" for this Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch and for this Halloween season!