Friday, December 30, 2011

Thoughts of Next Year: Gieroch's Christmas

Sometimes I don't use a cloth for Christmas because it arrives after I've already chosen my holiday line-up for the season. Christmas cloth listings increase dramatically on ebay and etsy in December, and this Gieroch cloth is a lucky etsy find earlier this month.

I could not find much information about this textile designer, but I just love the whimsy of his designs for this cloth.

This cloth was sold as a cutter and arrived in sad shape. It had never been washed, but 50 years of food stains had not been kind to the fibers. Add in the nicotine stench and discoloration, and this cloth had to have its first bath. It's in usable condition now, but there are several small holes I need to repair.

Despite the holes and remaining stains, the cloth is really fabulous given all of the gold that is still intact.

I think I'll unpack the Skytone next year for a truly 1950's Christmas table.


  1. Fabulous tablecloth even with its flaws!

  2. I just bought this same tablecloth in similar condition -- all the gold, but lots of nicotine yellowing and other spots. May I ask what you used to soak it that does not affect the gold?

    Also, which came first? This Marion Dorn Christmas tree that looks exactly like that in the tablecloth at first glance, or the John Gieroch design?

  3. Hello and congrats on your new cloth! Because my cloth already had damage, I went ahead and did a quick oxy bath. You can oxy metallic printed cloths if you do the "short and hot" method. By short, I mean 5-10 min max in the oxy (with super hot or boiling water) in a sink or bucket, then plunge in cold water to immediately stop the reaction. Yes, there is a risk that some gold will be lost. With my cloth, it was oxy or the trash. If you don't want to risk the oxy, do woolite in warm water and use oxy to spot clean any bad areas that are not gold. Hope this helps!

    I have also seen that this design has two names associated with it, but I don't have any info about which came first, Marion or John.

    Happy Tabletop!