Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Outside...

Let's finish up this tour of holiday decor so that we can get to the story of the stockings! This year we tried mini Christmas trees in the window baskets for the first time.

We removed the center window basket at the end of summer because it was just too hard to keep it looking nice between the high position and the light and water conditions on that part of the house. The removal of the box meant that we can also have a large wreath in this position for the first time.

I'm pleased with the overall result of lush blue tones on the greenery.

We continued this theme on our railing.

Of course it would all look better with a little snow. For now we'll just have to be happy with some shimmer in the moonlight!

Santa is keeping us company on the back deck, also known as the kitty deck.

He'll be here soon!


  1. LOVE the mini trees in the window boxes.....and the blue theme is lovely!!

  2. The trees are such a cute idea for the window boxes and the blue is beautiful!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. I like your trees and the wreath. My hubby loves the blue(LA Dodgers.

  4. Very pretty, Daphne. Your house looks so warm and inviting. I like the blue. Looking through your living room window is as if time stood still. I expect to go through the door and see you and Scott sitting by your radio. Love the lamp.


  5. oh I love Sparkle and Fizz's kitty deck Santa... Wish I could've been there when they met him! The blue accents outdoors are delightful...and that wreath is JUST perfect! I like it even more than the old window box!