Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Tabletop Catalog: F&C Wreaths

After our brunch, we were not ready to eat again until supper time. For the Christmas night meal, we had beef fillets in a gorgonzola thyme sauce, potato, asparagus & leek soup and Brussels sprouts on a Fallani and Cohn wreath tablecloth styled by The Ryans.

I especially like how this cloth highlights scarlet, evergreen, lemongrass and marigold Fiesta.

Santa brought me the lemongrass rice bowls, and I was happy to pair them with poinsettia Fiesta luncheon plates. We also used vintage Lenox holiday crystal in the Aria shape with a gold band with etched holly on the rim.

The water glasses are from my grandmother. It's a little sad to know that she passed them on to us now because she's no longer hosting big Christmas meals, but she's very happy to hear that I found the matching wine stems at a shop in Providence and that we are enjoying them.

It's not always easy to use a decalled plate on a printed cloth, but I think we have a nearly perfect match here.

This cloth is also a good backdrop for a new find this year, a 2005 Fiesta Christmas plate whose story I have yet to uncover.

Let's see if I can uncover this dish mystery!

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  1. Interesting on the 2005 plate. I hope you will share when you solve the mystery. Your table looks gorgeous but when doesn't it. I love everything!!