Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vera Hyacinths

I love this cloth because there's a photograph in Vera's biography that shows hyacinths in these vases on her tabletop.

Polka Dot Roosters

Scarlet, Lemongrass and Gray Plaid

The Vintage Table lists Parisian Prints as the maker for this pattern, number 427.

Christmas Beads

This special Christmas cloth brings lilac, pink and turquoise to the holiday tabletop palate.

Startex Good Luck Charms

This kitchen towel is by Startex.

Couleur Nature Artichokes

Here's a wonderful contemporary cloth by Couleur Nature that I never thought I'd own.

We have a larger table that lives disassembled under the guest bed that will be perfect to use with this cloth

CHP Thanksgiving

I think this California Hand Prints Thanksgiving cloth will look great with marigold and paprika Fiesta.

P.S. You can see how I used this cloth in November 2012 if you go here.

CHP White Trees on Blue

Tablecloth collectors always have once cloth that keeps getting away. For me, it's been a California Hand Prints white Christmas tree cloth. I've seen this pattern on both blue and pink fabric, and I'm thrilled to add the blue colorway to my collection.

I'm looking forward to trying this out with Cobalt Tree Fiesta and with solid colored Fiesta and Riviera.

P.S. You can see how I used this cloth in December 2012 if you go here.

CHP Holiday Berries

Christmas linens are my next favorite category after sea-themed cloths. Here's a gorgeous one in rayon from California Hand Prints.

I can't decide if this is Winterberry or Pyracantha. Please let me know your thoughts!

Pink & Gray Fish

Fishy cloths are my very favorite table linens, and this pink and gray cloth completes my collection of the colorways in this design.

I think this cloth will be great for an inaugural run with my Hazel Atlas Crinoline dinnerware.

CHP Pomegranates

This pomegranate cloth is by California Hand Prints.

I love the unique color combination of gray, seamist green and maroon, and I have just these colors in Fiesta dinnerware to use in a future 'scape. I'll have to look out for some pomegranate accessories.

Mexican Market in Blue

Here's a very unique Mexican-themed cloth featuring Harlequin blue and other colors perfect for the dinnerware designed for Woolworth's.

Notice how the pattern is different on each section of the cloth.

I have several little clay houses from Central America that will be wonderful with this cloth. The little sun in the center is the perfect anchor for the market activity in the border.

CHP Italian Buffet

Bouillabaisse not your thing? We've got plenty of Italian food on the tabletop as well, also courtesy of California Hand Prints.