Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dots Take Boston!

 photo IMG_0137.jpg

HLCCA conference goers had a wonderful surprise waiting for us when we visited the Homer Laughlin China Outlet earlier this month: lapis salad plates and mugs decalled in polka dots! I shipped mine home to avoid airline issues, and it was a challenge to wait out the arrival of that box.

 photo IMG_0138.jpg

 photo IMG_0139.jpg

These lapis pieces are a wonderful next chapter in the dot saga started by HLCCA when it offered white and scarlet pieces at the Nashville conference in 2010.

 photo IMG_0147.jpg

I decided to punch up the color on the table with the small marigold rice bowls I also found at the outlet.

 photo IMG_0149.jpg

 photo IMG_0151.jpg

Thanks for this Fiesta surprise, HLC! You knew just what would make our blue stripe pieces even more fun.

 photo IMG_0156.jpg

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating the U.S.A.

Happy Fourth of July!