Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fiesta Christmas Tree P.S.

Just after I posted the photos of my Fiesta Christmas tree, a package arrived at the door. What could it be but six BEAUTIFUL vintage Christmas ornaments from my friend Saarin.

Even their box is lovely!

How did she know that once I saw the tree photos on my blog, I felt that the tree actually needed one more little something to pop off of the green? These white German made ornaments are just the perfect final touch!

Thank you, Saarin, for putting the "cherry" on top of my Fiesta Christmas tree!


  1. Lovin' your pretty new ornaments Daphne! What a great gift-enjoy:@)

  2. So glad you like them, Daphne! They look great on your tree!! That last photo is gorgeous.

    xo, Saarin

  3. Love those ornaments from Saarin! I have some vintage German ornaments from my family. I remember when they were on my grandfather's tree. Love your tree, Daphne.


  4. oh those are the perfect accent, D! The little splash of color on the ornaments is just perfect with the Fiesta ornaments!