Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black, White and Fruit

I do love vintage tablecloths, but this week's post is about about the enamel-topped table that hosts my tablescapes.

This table is a vintage 1940's convertible table. The enamel top rests on machine-turned wooden legs. The table can seat two or four, with the two side leaves fitting under the center panel when a smaller table is desired. The black and white stylized art deco design on the enamel showcases dishes wonderfully.

These Fiesta dinnerware luncheon plates featuring fruit decals were offered by the Betty Crocker catalog a few years ago. The fruits include cherries, kiwi and watermelon.

The Betty Crocker premium catalog closed. It was such a great source for decorated Fiesta. I keep hoping that Homer Laughlin will continue the fruit decal series. I'm dreaming of citrus fruits on shamrock, tangerine and sunflower!

I chose this Ikea Dito acrylic flatware because it lets the design of the table show through. The flatware also pairs nicely with these acrylic napkin rings from Bloomingdale's and this vintage acrylic basket put into service as a condiment holder.

The glasses are Crate & Barrel. The vase is a Fiesta Royalty vase.

After lunch, how about a little ice cream in some Manhattan glass bowls?

Thanks for visiting the table this week!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nasturtiums for a New Shape

At last month's International Home and Houseware's Show in Chicago, Homer Laughlin unveiled several new items for the Fiesta dinnerware line, including the much anticipated prep bowls and the jam jar.

Interestingly, another new item, the individual pasta bowl, was not previewed at the show. This wonderful bowl is a Macy's exclusive to go along with the pasta serving bowl and cheese shaker set. Collectors eager to add this piece to their tabletop have been scoping out the best deals for, currently the only source for the bowls.

My big brown box from Macy's arrived on Thursday. It's a rainy, cold day here, so this cheerful vintage Wilendur nasturtium tablecloth from last year's Brimfield excursions seems like the perfect linen to welcome these new bowls to the table.

I fashioned this centerpiece using a metal birdbath holder from our local farm stand. I don't think I'll ever find this method of serving sactioned in any etiquette book, but I will use these bowls for serving steamed clams or mussels. The large pasta serving bowl rests on top of the metal frame. It will hold the shellfish and the broth. The small bowl below can be used for shells or for toasty bread. For a small table, this device is a great covenience!

The individual pasta bowl is being offered in lemongrass, tangerine, sunflower, ivory and scarlet. I've paired the bowls with Fiesta dinner plates in white and shamrock, scarlet flatware and goblets in chartreuse, yellow, persimmon and gray. Additional accessories include the cheese shaker in scarlet, gray salt and pepper shakers, the salad/pasta serving set in scarlet and Pier One striped napkins.

I also shot a few comparison shots with the other P86 bowls. See how the new bowl outsizes the peacock placesetting nappy?

And it's much wider than the scarlet gusto bowl.

The capacity is larger than the rim soup bowl,

while the tabletop footprint is much smaller than the rim pasta plate.

This bowl is closest in shape to the vintage Fiesta individual salad bowl. I don't have any of these bowls in my collection, so here's a Harlequin individual salad bowl for your viewing pleasure.

Need one final comparison? Here's a line-up featuring the placesetting bowl in chartreuse, the pasta bowl in lemongrass and the rim soup in shamrock.

I really love how the shape of the individual bowl mirrors the serving bowl.

Yes, this week's post can almost be a commercial for this bowl, but I do think it's worth an extensive testimonial. I can't wait to test them out with some delicious mussels next month when my friends arrive for Brimfield! Who knows what other treasures we will find to compliment this exciting new Fiesta shape...

P.S. Yes, you'll hear all about the prep bowls and the jam jar in future posts!

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For additional views of this tablecloth with some live nasturium blooms, take a peek here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Fiesta

Why are these people dancing?

To welcome the new season, of course! And every party needs some music.

This table greets Spring with post-86 Fiesta dinnerware square dinner plates in scarlet and individual oval bakers in lemongrass.

Bonton had a fabulous sale on-line on Easter Sunday. If you enjoy post-86 Fiesta, you really must sign up for their email alerts! I was so pleased to add these two shapes in these colors. I think the square plate is the perfect underliner for the casserole, which can even be used as a cream soup!

The centerpiece features a Fiesta sunflower vase, scarlet salt & pepper shakers and an "aftermarket" condiment set that combines the mini-pitcher in lemongrass with the child's teaset sugar dish in sunflower on a scarlet relish tray.

This tablecloth, manufactured by Exclusive, is from the early 1940's, probably during the war years. The fading on the faces of the characters indicates that the linen was printed during the time when fugitive dyes were all that was available for consumer use due to the war effort. The colors invite a few vintage items to join the contemporary Fiesta. Here's a butter dish from Homer Laughlin's Jade line glazed in Fiesta cobalt for use in the ensemble sets that sold Fiesta and Riviera service for 8 or 12.

The Oneida Deauville silver plate is right at home on this tabletop.

The glass items are another blend of old and new. The sherbert dishes are vintage Hazel Atlas Moderntone. The egg cups are contemporary Luminarc from France. The ruby juice glasses are vintage Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby. These pieces really glisten in the morning light.

Whether you like to greet the warm weather with a party or a quiet meditation, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Tabletop Time!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!