Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wilendur Mexican

I was so excited to find this Wilendur Mexican cloth at an antique fair in Maine in August 2009. The designs are very similiar to others by John Madsen, so I wonder if he designed this cloth or if another artist combined elements of his designs for this lovely pattern.

I found these turquoise sombrero candleholders on the same trip to Maine. They were just made to go with this cloth!

The tablescape features a variety of Homer Laughlin dinnerware, including Fiesta and Riviera along with Crate and Barrel margarita glasses, Oneida Cityscape flatware and vintage cocktail napkins.

I identify this cloth as a Wilendur because it appears in Michelle Hayes' Elegant Table Linens from Weil & Durrse. Do you see the simliarities to this Mexican cloth with corn? I wonder if it is also a Wilendur, or another's companies take on the Mexican pattern?

If you have ID info on any cloth here, please post a comment!

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  1. i am having so much fun looking at all your posts.