Friday, May 13, 2011

Brimfield Day Two

I went back to Brimfield today. The weather was perfect, and I was with my friend Karen for her first visit to the fields. It's always so fun to be with a first-timer!

I purchased two tablecloths and a platter.

There would have been red and blue Riviera handled tumbers in these photos, but the dealer dropped and broke them as he was wrapping them. :(

I'm so glad I found this platter to banish the memory of that awful clinking sound!

This Homer Laughlin shape is called Brittany, and the treatment is Constellation. It debuted in 1937. I have often admired this pattern in blue and black, but I had never seen it in maroon before. I think this pattern will work well with P86 cinnabar. You can see a nice shot of the treatment in blue on my friend Sue's web site.

I also learned a lot about the things that Karen collects: salt glazed storage containers, pewter and stone fruit. These will look wonderful in her 1780's farm house.

All in all, another wonderful day!


  1. Love the cloths, and the platter is great. Perfect for a patriotic table!

  2. That is an interesting tc - reminds me of the blue birds

  3. I thought the same thing, Kathleen.

    Rebecca, I got the cloth precisely for that reason. It has to be by the same maker as the bluebird cloth.

    Thanks for your replies!

  4. Lovely finds Daphne! The Simtex "Pussy Willow" is like my pink one and would be great for a collaborative tablescape in the future!

    You are very quiet today ..... I bet you are back on the hunt at the fields of Brimfield! Lucky girl.


  5. wonderful finds... looks like an overall fun day1