Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brimfield Report 2011

Tuesday was a wonderful day. I went to the Brimfield Antique Fair with my friends Saarin and Pam!

Aren't these hats and their wearers gorgeous?

I brought home quite a few treasures.

The Wilendur Manjares tablecloth in orange will be joining its siblings in cobalt, yellow and turquoise.

These stripes will be perfect with my Libbey Carousel glasses from B'field last year.

This Abingdon Pottery planter matches the shell candleholders I like to use with my beloved fish tablecloths.

I had not yet scaped with this shell I have just the right accessories!

I'm slowly building a set of HLC orange/apple tree bowls in turquoise. Here's the next to the smallest size, a very lucky find for $10.

I love the Fiesta colors in the Christmas tree pin.

Finally, this Hall syrup pitcher will be put to good use for summer breakfasts.

Some of the other items are on their way to tabletops that you know and love. I'll let their owners give you all the details! I wonder what Friday's trip west will bring?


  1. I'm in love with the candy tablecloth! Elaine probably "needs" those Vistosa bowls. LOL!
    I'm so glad you had a nice time! Enjoy your day on Friday, too.

  2. Fabulous! What great memories your photos brought!

  3. Cute hats, love the syrup pitcher and the colored plates:@)

  4. I am so jealous!! I love all your goodies and oh, I wish I could find wonderful tablecloths like you and Candy do for my table (60x84 size)! I would love your Manjares cloth!!! We have nothing like Brimfield in my area of Alabama.
    I live vicariously through y'all and look forward to seeing all the treasures you find.

  5. Be still my heart, my treasure from my personal shopper has arrived in California! It is a real dazzler!

    Thanks for sharing all your treasures Daphne!