Saturday, August 20, 2011

Challenge Cloth 2011: Retro Red Stripe Roosters

My friend Elaine and I have fallen into a little tradition at the HLCCA conferences that take place in Pittsburgh. She brings tablecloths that she really does not care for, and I fall in love with them, take them home and attempt to redeem them in her eyes. You can read about the first Challenge Cloth from 2009 here.

I'd like to introduce you to this year's cloth, a California Hand Prints rooster on yellow.

What's not to love about this fabulous fellow? He's a wonderful 50's farm graphic, and it's so nice to find this cloth with the yellow background rather than the white.

I think he crows with happiness at the placesettings and serving pieces in HLCCA Retro Red Stripe Fiesta!

I used this both this cloth and these Bakelite rooster napkin rings for the first time when my mother visited earlier this month. The tablescape was just perfect for a hearty breakfast.

A Hall syrup pitcher and salt and pepper shakers work well with the red stripe. Some folks say the syrup is a little rooster-esque with that "deco comb" on the lid.

I also used Mexican glass water tumblers and Bakelite flatware on the table.

So how did I do, Elaine?

Update: I found a photo of this cloth new in the box for sale on ebay. The auction is still active if you'd like one for your tabletop!

Now we know that the name of this cloth is "Provincial Rooster Comb."


  1. I agree, the tablecloth is wonderful and your tablescape is fabulous. How fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. I LOVE that tablecloth Daphne! And I agree, the syrup pitcher does look like a rooster-too cute:@)

  3. Well! That wasn't so bad after all! The red strip is perfecto!