Monday, December 7, 2009

Tabletop Time with Nana

I grew up in a family of good cooks. With my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother at work in the kitchen, my job was to set the table. At the time, this felt like an exile. Isn't it funny how these childhood roles can stick? My grandmother and I had a great time making some tablescapes together at her home last week.

Here's a vintage cloth from France with a Bo Peep pitcher that my grandmother purchased during her brief working days before marriage.

An ode to Nana's bridge hobby~

My grandfather pointed out that this table would not be complete without the book that caused quite a ripple in their 63 year marriage. Yes, he thought he was being helpful by bringing this home to help out with those rules "discussions" among the ladies.

Nana doesn't have much Homer Laughlin, but she did pick up some rose Fiesta bowls to go along with this Sango Christmas set.

We found the Jeannette Windsor Diamond beverage set while out antiquing. Thanks, Mom!

Our favorite table of all is the Lenox Holiday on a vintage cloth.

The glassware was a wedding gift to my grandparents on December 8, 1946.

Happy Anniversary, Nana & Papa!

We were especially pleased with the centerpiece, since it contained only natural items from the yard~lemons, berries and pine cones.

I gave the cloth a Fiesta treatment when I got back home.


  1. Welcome home Daphne!

    It sounds like your trip was filled with the making of wonderful new memories. How special it is to share your love of dishes with your Nana.

    Where to start, they are all beautiful tables. I love the bridge setup, it is really very special and just looks like so much fun. I would surely need the "book" to have closeby, haven't played bridge in YEARS and I was never very good at it.

    The pink ribbon dishes are so pretty and your setup at home is very elegant. Love that glassware, what is it?

  2. Daphne, I love the Bridge table the best. Looks like you had a nice time with your grandparents! :) Can't wait to see more of your tablescapes.

  3. Thanks, Melissa and Candy. My brothers and I still laugh about the time that my grandmother tried to teach us to play bridge when we were little.

    Candy, the pink glassware is Windsor Diamond depression glass by Jeannette. The green and brown pieces on the fruit cloth are modern from TJMaxx last week...there may be some in stock at your local store.

    I had such a chuckle when I saw the poinsettia theme on The Little Round Table today. Stay tuned for a little GMTA!