Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peppermints and Polka Dots

Homer Laughlin has made two versions of peppermint Fiesta dinnerware. The first debuted in 2005 for the Betty Crocker catalog. The mint on these dishes contains scarlet, shamrock and white. The second generation of the design was for the Bon Ton department store and features a simplified design in scarlet and white. These decals are holiday superstars on my table. You'll see them again and again during December and January at my house. Here they are on a vintage polka dot cloth with Bakelite flatware, marigold napkins, jingle bell napkin rings, Libbey red stripe glasses and a very special centerpiece. Yesterday a dishfairy sent me a wonderful kitchen warming present to commemorate our recent renovation: a Hall China condiment jar and salt and pepper set. Thank you, dishfairy! I couldn't resist adding a couple of vintage elves to the mix.

Tomorrow I'll be travelling again. This trip also includes a wonderful place for tablescapes. Let's see what happens!


  1. Oh so cute and I love the elves you added! What a nice dish fairy!

  2. I love the peppermint dishes, too. Especially the Betty Crocker exclusive ones. I wish I had more of them. That Hall condiment jar is to die for!! Lovely table.

  3. Daphne, I may have to enlist Sparkle and Fizz to pack this tablecloth up and send it to me! Does it match my Pier 1 polka dot plates or what???

    It is just a beautiful table!!

  4. Oh, do I see a polka dot table coming with this cloth?