Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poinsettia: Variations on a Theme

The floral explosion in my Christmas decor started in December 2006 when I happened upon some poinsettia Fiesta lunch plates at Belk. These plates were only made for one year, and no accessory pieces exist. Still, they are one of my favorite Homer Laughlin Christmas patterns of all time.

Last year I found this vintage cloth to use with the plates. Sparkle reminded me to iron it before I went any further with photos!

The cloth also looks great with Riviera.

Harlequin won out for Christmas Day brunch 2008.

For 2009, Vera poinsettias were the first to make it to the table.

The table features post 86 Fiesta in chocolate, scarlet and shamrock. The glassware is from Ikea. The flatware is Fiesta; the napkins are from Pier One. The salt and pepper shakers were a gift from a friend.

The most iconic of the Vera poinsettias looks great with the exclusive Retro Red Stripe Fiesta dinnerware from the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association.

Vintage red stripe Oven Serve custards enhance the modern dishes, Fiesta napkins & flatware and Libbey glasses.

The centerpiece features a vintage red stripe Apple or Orange tree bowl. This treatment is called simply OS-63, for Oven Serve decoration #63.

Thank you, Vera!

Crate and Barrel also offers their take on the beloved Christmas flower.

Juniper Fiestaware2000 welcomes diners to dessert with Oneida Cityscape flatware and Crate and Barrel glassware.

Fizz wanted to get into the action, since Sparkle had his picture on tap for posting.

Finally, before scarlet joined the palate of post 86 Fiesta, there was cinnabar. This poinsettia toile is perfect for this controversial color. Some call it raw liver, but I think it's a great choice for the holidays, seen here with a modern plaid cloth, chartreuse casserole, shamrock & ivory plates, vintage Bakelite flatware and green Mexican glass.

Which is your favorite?


  1. My Favorite is the first tablecloth with the Poinsettia Fiesta. I also really like it with the green Riviera, too!

  2. I'm going for the red stripe ovenserve! Whoo!

  3. Morning Daphne!

    I haven't used my round Vera Poinsettia tablecloth yet this year, but I love how the Red Stripe looks on yours. Gotta go iron and play with my dishes! LOL