Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Peanuts

Halloween is slowly creeping onto my tabletop. I'm not quite ready for the full blown orange and black 'scape. That one is still in the works. How about a little Simtex plaid to ease into the haunting time?

Our house is a 1941 Cape Cod, and true to form, we have small defined rooms. You won't find any open concept layout here. As a result, buffets work really well for us when we want to have more than 6 guests over for supper. I had originally envisioned this table as a tailgating party, but when I got out the CVS Peanuts figurines, the seed was planted. A quick conversion of our vintage enamel top table and voila...a trick-or-treat buffet!

The dishes are vintage Harlequin dinnerware in yellow, gray and turquoise with a multi-colored relish tray. A Harlequin jug holds the post-86 Fiesta flatware. The Libbey stripe glasses in yellow and red are still available at Target. I found metal holder at Goodwill. The red napkins are from Kohl's last year.

The Peanuts characters are from CVS about 4 years ago, I think. Just in case you don't know CVS, it's a drugstore chain out of Rhode Island. We seem to have one on every block in metro Boston, along with the Dunkin' Donuts! They have offered a set of the characters each year now, with new costumes for each reissue. I'm partial to this set, since it features the costumes from the show that I grew up anticipating each fall. Do you recall waiting eagerly each year for CBS to air "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" ? In the days before DVD's and VCR's, entire households revolved around this event. As adults, it's not really Halloween for us until we've watched at least a portion of the show on DVD.

Poor Charlie Brown...all he got was a bag of rocks. Snoopy barely survived the Red Baron, and Linus is still searching for the Great Pumpkin. Remember, "My lips touched dog lips!"?

Snoopy is waiting for Lucy in the bobbing barrel!

Wishing you only "sincere pumpkin patches" for this Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch and for this Halloween season!


  1. Oh my goodness! This is absolutely by far my favorite setting in weeks. I love those colors and I am a sucker for Peanuts. I have music from It's the Great Pumpkin playing on my page. This would go perfectly with it. Love, love, love what you've shared here. Happy Tablescape Thursday.

  2. Oh, how cute! I grew up with Peanuts, and I adore all of the characters. You did such a good job with your colors for this tablescape as they are just so bright and fun! Thank you for sharing this with us. Made me smile for sure.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  3. How adorable! It is always nice to go "back to childhood memories" and recreate. You did a marvelous job! Thank you for sharing these fond memories!

  4. YES... waiting for "great pumpkin" in October, and Charlie Brown Christmas, and the Grinch cartoon, in December!
    And that once a year showing of The Wizard of Oz!

    LOVE your table -- it's so adorable. The Peanuts guys -- the colors -- the Fiesta ware -- just so right, all of it!
    Plus, I LOVE that table underneath. Gorgeous.

  5. Oh, this reminds me so much of being a kid with my sisters and parents around the tv, waiting for the Great Pumpkin. I try to explain to my kids what it was like to wait for the once a year showing of Rudolph and The Wizard of OZ, but they can't even imagine! I love your table too--is it repainted? My great aunts had one like it and we had so many happy meals there. Thanks for a great visit! I will have to check out my local CVS. Linda

  6. Daphne:
    Your table is so fun!! Love the candle holders riding high on the soup bowl

  7. Seeing the Peanuts characters made me take a look. What a fun table, full of energy, you have created.

  8. SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! Love the Peanuts characters and of course the vintage Harlequin dishes! Wonderful table!

  9. Perfect way to flirt with Halloween without totally embracing it in all its creepiness. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  10. Love the Peanuts characters. Wish we had a CVS pharmacy.