Monday, September 20, 2010

Marimekko Meets My Tabletop

For many years I've admired the designs of Marimekko, the Finnish design house that started in 1951. My tabletop usually has more of a Deco or Streamline feel to it, but I could not resist this Koreana tablecloth when I found it on the clearance table at our local Marimekko shop.

Some of my Fiesta friends are going to cringe when they see the color combinations here, but I really like how this textile has inspired new dish combos on my tabletop.

Crate and Barrel glass vases continue the mid-century vibe, while the Fiesta cinna-jar (cinnabar jam jar) brings 2010 to the table.

I love the way that the early Autumn light hits the little chartreuse fish. These are from the Newport Mansion Shop. I've enjoyed tablescaping with them, and now they are on their way to Florida to redeem some Melmac. I think they will come to rest in Seattle eventually, at which time they may make a return appearance on Tabletop Time.

These placesetings include post-86 Fiesta dinneware in lemongrass, scarlet and cinnabar, Oneida no-name flatware, gray wine glasses from Homegoods and Pier One napkins.

Don't you just love the design along the edge of the cloth?

It's actually so large that I folded it in half. The combination of images is so amusing.

I'm going to share this jewel-toned tablescape for my first ever Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Through Life. Welcome to Tabletop Time!


  1. I actually like this alot! the unexpected color combination is fun and I think guests would really let loose and enjoy themselves seated at this table. Lime green is one of my favorite colors, anyway!

  2. GREAT use of color and I love the funky fish dishes!


  3. This is such a sstriking color combination...I love the patterns and textures you've put together here!

  4. wow... I just love how the lemongrass fiesta pops! You've outdone yourself, D!

  5. Love it. Your dishes and your linens are just wonderful. So pretty. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Wonga! That is one vibrant color combo! I LOVE it! Especially those soon to be south beach chartreuse fishes! ;-)

  7. Oh, I love it when the tablecloth sets the color scheme like this. Your fiestaware is just perfect with it. Those fishes just make me grin! Great table!