Saturday, September 29, 2012

Red Stripes for Boston

Today Rebecca and I are having some fun with a vintage Boston tablecloth that she found in her hunting and then repatriated to the East Coast.

Thank you, Rebecca!

The cloth works so well paired with Retro Red Stripe Fiesta. Now we Fiesta collectors have been discussing whether we like this design better on the tabletop or in the display cabinet. I like it on the table, but I think it's important to break up the stripes with another color. I used vintage cocktail napkins for contrast in the next photo.

I think the stripes need the visual contrast. Here's another look with some black salad plates.

Here's the updated Red Stripe display featuring another wonderful gift I received from a dear Fiesta friend, the Red Stripe Tea Pot.

Now let's head West and see what Rebecca did with this cloth!


  1. What a beautiful Fiesta collection, I love, love it! The tabletopper is perfect in this pretty and happy table setting. The hutch with some pieces is terrific. Lovely.

  2. Love the tablecloth and the Fiesta is wonderful! I do like it with the black. Looks wonderful in the hutch!

  3. I love the way it looks on your table and your display!! I like it with the black salad plate also.

  4. Well, I finally connected up with you! Love the red stripe - so very perfect! Thank you for letting me join in and I promise to be more timely next time! :-)

  5. All the tables look great, but my favorite is the one with the black salads... it just frames/sets off the red stripe so nicely! You gave the Boston Cloth's story a very happy ending!

  6. What a great set. So neat to see it used in so many different ways.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. I agree with the others--the black salad plates take an already great table to the next level! They just make the red stripes pop even more!