Saturday, September 3, 2011

Late Summer Garden Update

My beloved garden experienced quite a few trials this summer. After a nice recovery from an attack of winter moth larvae in the spring, the plants next faced the invasion of the roofers in July. Despite our contract that called for scaffolding over the entire thing, I came home to find old shingles covering plants that had been beaten down by having merely a tarp placed over them. The photos I took as "evidence" are so gruesome that I can't even bear to have them on the blog.

In an attempt to make lemonade, I cut a lot of the blooms on the bent and broken stalks and had flowers in every room.

Here's my Fiesta tureen full of hydrangeas~

~and a Fiesta bud vase filled with cone flowers and day lilies.

Reparations were made by the company, and we poured on the TLC in the garden. By August, things seems to have rebounded or to be in a place to make a full recovery next year.

Then the forecast called for Irene to blow away all of my blooms. Here's a peek at my hurricane bouquets.

The arrangements really brightened the house while we were hunkering down.

Now the garden is filled with pods and drying blooms that will make for nifty fall florals. The roses are gearing up for one final round of flowers, so I hope we'll have a little bit of Indian summer, too.

I'm sharing this garden update for Seasonal Sunday at The Tablescaper.


  1. Lindos arranjos! Gosto muito das suas mesas. Parabéns! Estou sempre visitando o seu cantinho.
    Tenha um lindo fim de semana.

  2. Beautiful bouquets.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend. ~ Sarah

  3. What beautiful colors! I was thinking of you as I was logging in.