Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a Popular Cloth

I enjoy a good round of "One Cloth, Two Tables." This exercise usually takes the form of two collectors who have the same tablecloth working on tablescapes and then sharing and comparing the result. The "pear and blossoms" cloth has made appearances on other tables that I'd like to share here.

In August 2009, the textile appeared on the fabulous blog The Little Round Table.

You can see more lovely photos on Candy's site:

I found the cloth I own while visiting New Orleans. If you subscribe to The Dish, you'll be able to read more about this adventure in tablescaping soon. Until then, here's a shot to whet your appetite for a visit to David's dish heaven.

This entry is not a true "One Cloth, Two Tables," but I hope you enjoyed this visit to two tables that inpire my Tabletop Time!


  1. I really enjoyed this post. Love these tablecloths and wonderful Fiesta dishes!