Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cold Day, Warm Table

A Startex cloth with pears and blossoms is the perfect choice for a six degree morning.

We're thankful for the sun's bright rays.

Yellow Harlequin plates add a pop of the most perfect yellow glaze to P86 Fiesta dinnerware in lemongrass and cinnabar. Mexican glass, Bakelite flatware, modern napkins and Sur La Table placecard holders complete the table.

This textile also works with a totally vintage setting.

The Fiesta promotional casserole has inherited this metal holder following the demise of the Harlequin yellow Betty Bowl. The Oneida Deaville ladle is ready to serve up some hearty soup for this cold day.

I always enjoy the creamsicle effect of vintage red and ivory.

Riviera dinnerware and Anchor Hocking Rainbow Depression Glass complete the "time machine" table.


  1. I love all your old dishes and the way you combine them. I have a few pieces of Harlequin but not like you. Lovely table.

  2. Thank you, Linda and Melissa! Linda, Harlequin mixes well with many other lines. I hope you're using yours!