Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cherries and Cupids

Happy Valentine's Day!

Vintage florists vases from the 50's bring a tough of retro romance to a cherry tablecloth set with red stripe Fiesta dinnerware and red glassware.

I was so surprised when my Valentine gave me a Bakelite cherry pin to match my table!


  1. I just love this vintage cloth and the sweet heart shaped bowls. Are those Fiesta?

  2. Thank you, Linda. The heart bowls are Fiesta. This shape was introduced last year and is available from the Homer Laughlin outlet and a few other dish retailers. They are really cute for fruit, side dishes, or sweets. I've also used them to bake individual quiches.

  3. This one is my favorite! Love cherries, and love blue. I wish I could see the rest of your house, too! I saw you on 521 Lake Street.