Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mid-Century Meets Manhattan

Today's breakfast brought together a mid-century tablecloth and some pieces of my newly minted Manhattan Depression glass collection.

I just love this little mustard jar!

This butter dish gets high marks, too.

The table also features Post-86 Fiesta dinnerware and flatware, modern napkins and vintage red and black striped juice glasses. On the menu: chicken sausage and tomato omlets and grits.


  1. Love that Manhattan design. Has it been reissued?

  2. Hi Linda!

    Manhattan was "reissued" in a sense in the mid-1980's as "Park Avenue." Anchor Hocking did adapt the designs so that with some study and practice, collectors can tell the difference between the two lines. They can be used together nicely. All of the pieces on my table are Manhattan Depression glass.