Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July Fourth!

We're still enjoying this Wilendur fruit tablecloth. Today it's decked out for July 4th with some Homer Laughlin bistro plates I acquired on my recent road trip South to visit my family.

Care for a slice of watermelon on this Independence Day?

Or perhaps a little lemonade punch?

We made it home in time to deck the rest of the house, too.

Happy Red, White and Blue!


  1. Cute tablecloth -- love your window boxes with the bunting.

  2. That is a great punch bowl. Can you tell me about the Festival plates? Happy 4th!

  3. Beautiful post! I love patriotic colors. Your window box with the bunting is perfect.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Monica, those plates are sold by the local tourist bureau during the Homer Laughlin tent sale to raise money for local causes. Sometimes you can find them on ebay, too!

  5. Daphne
    Love all your Fiesta, I am jealous. I do have a question. Have you ever seen a light green mug with shamprocks on the side. I would love to have any kind of information.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  6. Hi Cathy!

    I have seen this mug. It was available as a special holiday pattern on 'seamist' Fiesta about 10 years ago. The Homer Laughlin outlet carried it. Seamist is now a discontinued color, so this decal treatment hard to find. My suggestion is to try the internet seller "Colorful Dishes" or ebay if you're looking for pieces in this pattern. Good luck!

  7. P.S. Check out these photos of the shamrock dishes on Becky's Blog:

  8. Thank you for the info on the plates. Monica