Monday, June 13, 2011

This Week in Longfellow's Garden

My garden is about the only living thing enjoying the rainy gloom that has settled over metro Boston. Luckily, we're taking a field trip today to Longfellow's garden, where the sun is shining brightly! This wonderful retreat is just a short walk from my office.

The home has a wonderful provenance, and today it's your home, too!

Let's go around to the side to find the entrace to the formal garden.

Wonders await just inside the gate.

Alas, all visits to the garden must end!

I'm sharing this garden field trip for the weekly garden party at The Little Round Table.


  1. Today is one of those days I wished I lived somewhere that had seasons. I think we are still winter here.... I need warm sunshine and roses! Thank you for taking me on your field trip!

  2. That was a nice visit! What a nice place to be able to drop in on and visit so easily! The peonies look marvelous and I bet the smelled wonderful! Mine are just starting to open up! Thanks for the tour!

  3. What a beautiful garden Daphne! Wonderful to have someplace like this to escape to over a lunch hour. Just wonderful!

    Thanks for joining the garden party,