Friday, November 26, 2010

Yes, We Do Use the Tablescapes!

I'm often asked if we actually use the tablescapes that I share on my blog. In short, yes! I like to create the full tablescape to greet guests (or even just the two of us on an ordinary day). When it's time to eat, the centerpiece is relocated to the side of the table or to the Hoosier cabinet.

Here's the table yesterday when the guests arrived~

and here's the tabletop filled with food.

Yes, I often use a plastic tablecloth cover depending on the vintage cloth that's on the table, what's being served and the occassion. Two things can intimidate guests: cloth napkins and fancy tablecloths. After a reassurance that the napkins really are for use and that the tablecloth is protected, folks are more at ease. No, you won't find this play in any etiquette book, but the point of all the "rules" in the book is guest comfort, right?

How about a few more shots of Fiesta in action!

I hope you enjoyed this last look at Thanksgiving. Next up: Christmas!


  1. I use my tablescapes also! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Daphne, if you have a chance...what size is your table?? Thanks, Deb

  3. Hi Deb.

    My table is about 44" by 39".



  4. I get that question asked too. Since I don't have my blog up and running, I send a few emails to friends who want to know about my table for the week. I have started sending photos with food on them too. I do have a friend who comes over and refuses to use the napkin. Next time I'm hiding paper towels.LOL. I love all your settings. Thanks for sharing!