Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fish Take Manhattan!

Hello Tabletop Friends!

Did you think I was never coming back to blogland? Summer has been filled with wonderful travels, celebrations and visitors. Now we're at home with only the kitties, and it's time to savor a special birthday gift. I had this fish cloth in the red/turquoise and marigold/turquoise colorways. I'm thrilled to add this pink/green/gray version to the collection. Merci, mon amie!

Yes, it's a little odd to use candles in the full daylight, but I just had to use these vintage shell candleholders found in Maine last summer.

Now for Homer Laughlin collectors, pinks are always a challenge. The vintage roses for Harlequin and Fiesta are quite dusky. P86 rose has its limitations, and I don't have enough of the pinky coral of Reissue Harlequin to do the job here. Other dinnerware lines like Jubilee and Serenade offer several shades of pastel, but these hues just won't do for this cloth. The pink pieces of Anchor Hocking's Manhattan Depression glass offer a nice alternative.

I also like the Deco feel that the glassware brings to the 1950's cloth.

The fish plates are vintage Chicken of the Sea premiums.

Chrome go-alongs from other lines do double duty on P86 Fiesta.

The flatware and napkins are from Ikea.

Thanks for visiting this fishy edition of Tabletop Time!


  1. Good Morning again Daphne!

    Finally trying to get caught up on TT!

    And what a beautiful job you did on this one. I think it may be my very favorite of your tablescapes, but I'm so fickle I'll most likely find another favorite as I travel back in time on TT.

    Those candleholders are really wonderful! I think I need to branch out from the spirals I'm so fond of. :-)

    And whenever I see your Manhattan, I always want to add more to my little bit of it ..... it really is so elegant.

    Gotta move on to see more of your tablescapes that I've missed.


    PS Love the Royal Chrome metal on the hostess bowl!

  2. Whoa! This is FABU! And, I think your TC is special. Mine has gray on the inside, not green.

    I just love this! I keep resisting, but I so need more accessories to pull a table like this amazing one together!

    Definitely in my Top 5 of your scapes! Saving pictures into my photobucket!


  3. WOW!!

    I didn't even notice the GREEN center until Becca pointed it out. Something more to look for! Who knew that we would find so many fish in the sea.


  4. Very pretty! The clam candles holders are really different-enjoy!

  5. Good eye, Rebecca! I did not notice that this cloth was different from the pink/gray we already know!

    Thanks for all of the kind words! We are enjoying this table for sure!

  6. I love pink and green -- so I know that you sett this pretty table just for me!