Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birds of Paradise

Ready for a retro tropical tabletop?

Some little birdies followed me home from Brimfield. I seem to be making a habit of fine-feathered encounters in the fields. Last year, I met a Metlox birdie resting on a lovely console bowl. This year, it's Bakelite napkin rings. They have taken up residence on this vintage tablecloth printed with hibiscus and other tropical flowers.

The placesetting combines post86 Fiesta square plates in scarlet with vintage gray Harlequin and Riviera deep plates in yellow and green.

I really like how the bird beaks are different colors...some solid, some marbled. The napking are vintage cocktail linens.

Then there's this adorable baby bird.

He's making the rounds, taking it all in for the day that he'll grow up to be a big napkin ring! ;)

Removing the plates reveals the hibiscus flowers, a personal favorite of mine.

A Fiesta Retro Red Stripe pitcher and tumblers and Villeroy and Boch Boston tumblers hold the beverages.

Other Rivera items on the table include a casserole in green, a yellow platter, an ivory fruit bowl and a yellow serving bowl. Oneida Deauville flatware , Fiesta post 86 salt and pepper shakers and an Anchor Hocking Manhattan butter dish complete the table.

Vintage tropical cloths like these always make me thing of travellers to Hawaii in the 40's and 50's. I wonder if these cloths were put to use to celebrate statehood a few years later.

For this week, these little birds in their tropical paradise tabletop will keep me smiling with memories of my own trips to Belize and Mexico.

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  1. How sweet -- love the baby bird napkin ring -- I love all your wonderful vintage tablecloths -- I have a few-but I love your beautiful collection.

  2. Love the combination of all the different dishes. I love Riviera and Harlequin dishes! Cute little bird napkin rings.

  3. Your tablescapes are always so alive with color. Love the birdies. I've never seen anything like them.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Beautiful, Daphne! I love all your tablescapes. I got a new tablecloth a few weeks ago. I'll have to post a picture soon so you can tell me what the name of it is! :)

  5. Daphne, what a lovely table. I love those colours! And your baby bird is so cute. :-) I'll bet he's part of a child's set. Is that a Manhattan or Park Avenue tray under the aluminum cover? I can't quite make it out.

  6. I love it all. I am looking forward to see your creations with all your new tablecloths.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, friends!

    Becky, that butter dish is a Manhattan look-alike. It has tabbed handles. From my on-line reading, it was not made by Hocking but is part of a group of go-alongs much like the pieces we see to go with Fiesta. The lid can also be found on Moderntone pieces, so there is speculation that the lid was made as a generic lid for any plate.