Monday, May 28, 2012

We Have Roses!

"Big and Bursting" could be this year's garden theme. The planting are now three years old, and some of them have turned into real space hogs. Here's a little month-by-month of how we got to where we are today.


The crocuses debuted this year, and they did not disappoint.

We had a rare 80 degree day that shortened their bloom time, but the daffodils were not far behind.

These snowdrops and hyacinths have been here since the house was built.

I put these in the window box for a few weeks of color.

"Old Faithful" forsythia also put on a wonderful show.


Then it was tulip time.

The lilac gave us a few blooms.

The shade garden sprang to life.


One new addition~

The rhodie ushered in the pinks.

We have roses!