Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Lapis!

 photo June20010.jpg

It's very nice to meet you. Now that we've been formally introduced, I can understand all of the confusing photos that have been posted for this new Fiesta color. The camera has a hard time reading this lovely medium blue shade.

 photo June20011.jpg

The lapis individual pasta bowl is sitting on a sapphire plate. The mini pitchers are (left to right) cobalt, periwinkle and peacock. Now let's add a vintage Riviera creamer.

 photo 42463d20-a89f-4807-b61b-aaae62af5542.jpg

Can you see the difference between sapphire and lapis in the afternoon sun? It's as if a little bit of peacock glaze has been blended into the sapphire formula.

 photo June20008.jpg

Lapis looks great inside, too.

 photo June20015.jpg

I'm going to enjoy adding this new hue to the tabletop!


  1. I love this color! I just might have to add a few pieces of this to my stash!

  2. Great job with the photos, Daphne! Lapis seems like a very hard color to capture. I especially like the photo with the bowl amid the flowers. Lovely!

  3. Yes, all the pictures on Facebook had me on the fence about it but once I saw it in person, I really liked it. I had a hard time telling the difference between Peacock and Lapis in my kitchen (very bad lighting). It will work with many tablescapes. I am trying to post my first one today.

  4. Awesome pics. Cant wait to add some

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  8. So sorry about all the comments. I guess I really like LaPeace