Monday, May 20, 2013

Brimfield Report May 2013

Last week I had three wonderful outings to the Brimfield Antique Fair. This May's treasures include Bakelite bangles,

a Whiting & Davis mesh collar,

and some pieces from my favorite crafter who uses vintage chenille.

These pieces will be gifts, including the lavender sachet. Lest you think my tabletop was neglected, I did find 2 Oneida Deauville seafood forks and a pickle fork.

Yes, that's a Deauville ring as well. I was beginning to think that I would not buy a dish on this outing, but then I found four Hall 299 fish casseroles.

Are you curious about the little "spears" next to the fish? They are sterling corn-on-the-cob holders. I saw these in Country Living magazine this month and admired them greatly. Then lo and behold, my friend Emily and I found a pair in a sterling-by-the-gram rummage pile.

The detail is just so charming! The table is also getting two new cloths. First up, a Pride of Flanders with daffodils.

This lovely pink cloth may end up being crafted into something, but for now, I need your help identifying the flowers. Could these be peonies?

The garden now has 2 new birdhouses.

This windchime from old silver plate may go outside, or it may find a permanent home in the dining room.

The turquoise Fiesta mille one vase is not from B'field, but I also wanted to share my arrangement from today's garden club meeting.

The colors go so very well with the B'field cloth. This vase can be a tricky one given its height and the width of the opening. I learned a great technique today for making it much more user friendly. Placing a ball of chicken wire in the base made the perfect frog for this tall arrangement.

The floral arranging class I attended was most helpful. Now I know that I've mastered "height." My next focus will be on adding some "flop" to the base of the arrangement. I do like May...Brimfield, Spring flowers, warm temps...Ahh!

P.S. Yes, I've changed the way I upload the photos. To see larger pictures, click on a photo and a slideshow will be available.

P.P.S. I forgot to share these little spun cotton angels! They were my last purchase of the show. They will enjoy meeting the elves in December.


  1. Such fun! I so wish I was with you! Love the ring and the tcs and your floral is TDF!!!

  2. Those corn-on-the-cob holders are beautiful!

  3. Ok Daphne,

    You are seriously killing me. First, I'd like to say that I don't think I could ever attend Brimfield with you because I would so blow your cover - I'd be yelling "BUY IT BUY IT" every time you found a gem like these. Second, I think we are twins separated at birth as I absolutely love everything in this post. Seriously love. I don't think any of these items could be more charming or designed better. Including your flower arranging. To sum it up? Girl, you rock.

  4. Very nice finds!. Live the cloths. I can't wait to see your new tablescapes

  5. Recently discovered your charming blog. I'm thinking of buying tablecloths since I've started seeing a few at estate sales. What is your advice about collecting tablecloths? Is there a good price guide? How will I learn about different makers? Any advice will be appreciated. Love your tablescapes!

  6. Thank you, Cynthia! There are several good guides to tablecloth types and makers. If you search "vintage tablecloth guide" on amazon, you'll find the books I'd recommend. The prices in the books are out of date. Do some searching on completed ebay auctions, and you can get a good idea of price. Happy hunting!