Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cabin 'Scape

I had fun with the Maine souvenir tablecloth during our getaway to a cabin in Maine last month. The natural setting provided everything I needed for a centerpiece.

The dishes in the cabin were not bad at all: some older Pfaltzgraff from the days when their production was U.S. based.

Of course I also brought along some Homer.

The centerpiece and the menu items grew with other local finds over the course of the visit.

I hope you enjoy your vacation!


  1. Love that you travel with things that make you happy! I really think these tablecloths are my favorite! I have to find a PA one for myself:@)

  2. The tablecloth is adorable, the cabin is homey, the dishes are cheerful, but that Coke bottle with the Red Sox logo makes my day! Cheers!